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Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer

The whacky third person shooter that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived! Sunset Overdrive is now officially available in the US and will be out in the next couple of days for Australia, Europe, and Japan. Sunset Overdrive gives gamers a unique twist to the usual shooting game. In the game, you play as a FizzCo employee who has to esca... Full Story »
The holiday deals are starting early this year and Microsoft is the first to make a move. It has been announced that the Xbox One will be getting a... Full Story »
It's almost Halloween, which means that it's time to get spooky! Project Cars has joined in on the terrifying gaming festivities by adding a new "s... Full Story »
Nintendo of Europe has revealed two ORAS themed 2DS bundles coming November 28th. These new bundles come with a copy of either Pokemon Omega Ruby o... Full Story »
The Tokyo Game Show kicked off earlier this week with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry in attendance. The convention invited major... Full Story »
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Square Enix has announced through a live Japanese broadcast that the much anticipated Bravely Second will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show. Until... Full Story »
The much anticipated Hyrule Warriors is now live in Japan. Hyrule Warriors is a hack-and-slash action combat game that implements the elements of K... Full Story »
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