Destiny set to receive new Expansion: ‘Comet: Plague of Darkness’?

A photograph from a supposed internal meeting at Bungie has surfaced online, showing what appears to be a release schedule for Destiny’s upcoming expansion packs. None of this information has been confirmed by Bungie and as such there is a chance this could be one pretty convincing hoax.

The image shows that Destiny is set to receive a further three smaller expansions this year — in the same vein as its The Dark Below expansion — but also a much larger one known as Comet: Plague of Darkness.

First off, a further two ‘episodes’ in Destiny’s (now smaller) expansion packs have been named. Vex ? (unreadable), will apparently take place on Venus and Mars, whilst adding a further 3 story missions, 2 Strikes, 1 Raid and an unmentioned number of Crucible maps. Secondly, Forge of Gods has been named, with no other details mentioned.

The previously announced and named expansion House of Wolves will seemingly release on March 10th of this year, with the content based in the Cosmodrome, Moon, Venus and Reef locations (the last being somewhere players have previously not been able to play in). House of Wolves will also add a handful of new activities to the game including 3 story missions, 1 Strike, 1 Raid and 4 PvP maps.

Perhaps the most interesting art of the supposed leak is information on a new, much larger expansion known as Comet: Plague of Darkness. Set to release in the month of the games first anniversary, the expansion will add 12 new story missions, 4 Strikes, 1 Raid, 1 new location known as Hive Ship and 6 new maps for the Crucible. In addition to this new subclasses and weapon types will also be added to the preexisting ones.

Again, while none of this has been officially confirmed by Bungie, it can be expected that official sources will soon begin to provide information on the next expansions, perhaps confirming some of the other information seen in the image above. It is also worth noting that the original image has been around online since the start of October last year, source from an Italian Destiny Facebook community.

Via: NeoGAF
Source: Reddit