Duck Hunt Amiibo Data Found

A hacker has recently been able to find data on a Smash Wii U disk that shows that a Duck Hunt amiibo might very well be on its way. This information comes from a YouTube video published by the user Mema Haxx, and shows Duck Hunt (Duck Hunt Duo as it’s called in European versions) available in the amiibo selection screen.

There’s no way of knowing when this amiibo will be officially revealed but, if you’re a Duck Hunt fan then there’s reason for excitement. Watch the video posted for yourself, and let us know your opinions in the comments!

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Michael Bukovey

What's up everyone!? It's Michael, but I also commonly go by the nickname "Chico". I'm fortunate enough to have been recruited by the Retry Level staff to bring you the latest gaming news because of my passion for video games. Gaming aside, I think of myself as a relaxed yet funny person and I love watching movies, playing sports, listening to music, romantic walks on the beach at sunset, and just about anything else a modern teenager likes to do.

  • Guest

    They’ve already said every character in Smash 4 is getting an Amiibo, how is this news…

    • Chicolombia

      When it comes to the gaming industry, word of mouth isn’t reliable. They can say whatever they want but it’s not always confirmed. It happens more often than you’d think. We’re just saying, there’s concrete evidence for a Duck Hunt amiibo, so it’s to be expected.