Tekken Getting First Saudi Arabian Character

Tekken 7 news has been trickling down our news feed for some time now. We’ve seen a number of characters, including the controversial “Lucky Chloe”, who dawns a cat suit and even fights like a cat. Producer Katsuhiro Harada hinted at this a few months ago after mentioning polling his Middle Eastern fanbase. Harada even went as far as gaining feedback on the characters’ looks to make sure the design wouldn’t be passed off as offensive. So far, the announcement has received positive feedback from fans alike.


Shaheen was announced shortly after on Harada’s twitter account, and I must say I’m a huge fan of his design! It’s subtle and modest, yet touches on the Middle Eastern flair that most of us can imagine. I’ve seen plenty of similar outfits (minus the sword) worn out here in Kuwait, so I can attest to it’s overall appropriateness.

What do you think of this new announcement? So far, Tekken 7’s roster is looking quite promising. We’ll keep everyone up-to-date as more news surfaces.

Source: Twitter

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