Jason Voorhees: First Impressions

Mortal Kombat X has hit the ground running since release. Gamers have been raving over its smooth combat and ultra stylistic gore that we’ve all become accustomed to in the series. Recently, Mortal Kombat devs have been introducing some rather. . .interesting. . .characters to the series. In the previous MK reboot, Freddy Krueger made his big gaming debut and impressed many with the translation from the silver screen to our gaming systems. In Mortal Kombat X, Jason Voorhees makes an unexpected appearance and, like Freddy, “slashes” his way to the top. I’ve had a chance to play as Jason quite a bit, and I must say that he is an excellent contender in the Mortal Kombat universe.

What’s great

Jason comes with some interesting variations that introduce some new mechanics to the series. His traditional “Slasher” variation (my personal favorite), makes use of his machete to unleash devastating combos with super long reach and little room for punishment. Relentless Jason finally brings a true grappler to Mortal Kombat X. This variation focuses on grabbing, throwing, and shattering the bones of opponents in mid combo, dealing devastating damage. He also has a teleport, but it’s a bit slower than other characters’ teleporting attacks. Finally, his Unstoppable variation allows Jason to regenerate health and even resurrect at the end of each match with a fraction of his life replenished.

Jason’s gameplay aside, his very presence in the Mortal Kombat is unnerving. It’s just like the movies; he’s enormous and menacing. Even the way he walks is enough to give me the chills, especially when he has his iconic machete in hand.

What’s not

Really, the only poor thing about Jason are his fatalities. They’re pretty boring, especially his Sleeping Bag finisher. His slashing finisher, though, throws in some horror movie sound effect / camera angle nostalgia, but other than that they’re both pretty underwhelming and bland. I thought he would have something a bit more comical (like actually stuffing a body into a sleeping bag) or hail a throwback to pulling someone under a pool of water. But alas, I’ll take solid gameplay over fatalities any day.

Wrap up

Jason is a surprisingly balanced contender in the Mortal Kombat series. His looks fit the part, and his gameplay brings a lot of new ideas to the table that aren’t over or under powered. Three other characters; Tanya, Predator (omg), and Tremor have yet to be released, but based off of the success of Jason, there’s no doubt that the future characters will be quality!

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