Retry Level Spring Smash Tournament

It’s our first annual ‘Spring Smash Tournament’, hosted right here on Retry Level! We’re going to try to accommodate all registrants, but we can only guarantee spots to the first 20 just to be on the safe side. The 5 people after the cut-off is determined will be alternates in case of no-shows. First you need to go over and register so that you’re spot is locked in!


  • Stock battles with 3 stock
  • Items are disabled except for PokéBalls (a nod to our sister-site PokéJungle)
  • Time limit is set to 8 minutes
  • Omega Stages
  • No custom characters
  • Registration is limited to Wii U OR 3DS
  • Don’t be an asshole

If there are significant objections to the rules or cause for concern in the comments they may be changed in the future. Generally we’re adhering to the basic tournament rules as outlined here. Registration is open from today until JUNE 1ST at midnight PST. We’ll be finding winners for both the Wii U and 3DS versions. Looking forward to seeing you all in-game!

Winners will get eternal glory on both Retry Level and PokéJungle and possibly a yet-to-be-determined prize of no guarantee-able cash value 😉