How you’ll be able to spend money in Blade & Soul

blade-soul-wuxia-1Blade & Soul, an Eastern martial arts MMORPG from NCsoft, was announced for Western audiences as a free-to-pay title, but what exactly that would entail was left ambiguous. The official blog has now shed a little light on what gamers can expect from this highly anticipated title; Blade & Soul will use the same NCoin for its cash shop that the publisher’s other F2P titles utilize (Aion, Lineage II and the upcoming addition of Wildstar). What may set it apart from other games is a separate in-game currency that can be earned by players and used to buy many of the same items that the cash shop offers (such as potions, account upgrades and costumes).

blade-soul-wuxia-2A premium 30-day membership will also be available to make life easier for players willing to lay down some cash. It includes new movement animations and a variety of perks which will increase as you spend more money. The developers also offered another reassurance that their goal is to offer items which don’t impact power, “the benefits of membership are specifically developed for Blade & Soul West and will keep in line with our philosophy – no power boosts here”.

What do you think? Sound reasonable enough?