Dragon Quest Builders looks like Minecraft on RPG-enhancing steroids

Minecraft, the wildly popular world building game by Mojang, is not for everyone. It gives players a wide variety of tools and materials for infinite building possibilities. What it doesn’t have though, is any overarching story driving gameplay or any real goal. Similar to dumping out a bucket of Legos, Minecraft makes players use their imagination to fill in the backstory and give purpose to their creations. For some it is a challenge, but for others it can feel like a real chore.

Square Enix may be able to offer the perfect link between RPG and sandbox with their upcoming game Dragon Quest Builders. Announced earlier this summer, the title returns players to Alefgard, the setting of the original Dragon Quest, and tasks players with rebuilding it after being destroyed by a Dragonlord. Tokyo Game Show has brought a fresh look at the game in the form of a new trailer. The game will be released in January of next year exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles.