MMOnday: What am I subscribed to?

The MMO genre is filled with enticing free-to-pay games; enthusiasts these days don’t have to pay a cent to enjoy high quality titles. Even those releases that were originally subscription-based have instead become buy-to-play or completely F2P, such as WildStar which will be re-launching on September 29th as a game that can be enjoyed without opening your wallet. With so many free options, why opt to subscribe to anything at all? I’ll explain my current choices below:

EverQuest II: One of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy dabbling in EQII is the nostalgia factor. Not because I played the game when it was released in 2004 (I didn’t), but because the graphics and atmosphere capture a certain style which has fallen out of favor in modern games. It reminds me of classic fantasy games such as Morrowind and the robust game systems show the amount of love put in by developers.

It is also F2P now, but there are certain advantages to subscribing. When they released two brand new servers based on the original game (and perhaps the first couple of expansions) they also put a subscription requirement on them, which is completely fair. I wanted to try them out and get a taste of the grind life, so I was willing to lay down the $15 for a month in August. Unfortunately, I just don’t see myself having enough time to dedicate in order to justify paying each month to play those characters. They did get a second month out of me though; I just re-subscribed today to take advantage of the double XP on normal servers and I also needed to use the expanded character slots offered to subscribers in order to re-roll a new character.

World of Warcraft: Friends shouldn’t let friends play World of Warcraft (an expensive and time consuming habit if there ever was one), but my interest in WoW’s upcoming Legion expansion made me susceptible to re-subscribing and a friend returning to the game pushed me over the edge. Been enjoying leveling a new character with him, but I have not made up my mind on whether or not I’ll be playing for another month. Subscription games are the best deal when you have time to play every day (only 50 cents a day!), but if you’re only logging in a few times a month the cost is suddenly much harder to swallow. I’ll keep my ears open for information on Legion, but I’m leaning towards not renewing. Aforementioned friend is also planning to let his subscription lapse after being kicked out of a raid on the last boss in LFR (Looking for Raid).

What are you currently subscribed to and why?