MMOnday: What’s your favorite in-game holiday event?

MMOs have a long history of incorporating real holidays into game worlds in many creative ways. Next month we’ll see many titles roll out Halloween-themed events, undoubtedly sporting spooky aesthetics and ghoulish rewards. This year will be the first time gamers get to see WildStar’s Shade’s Eve event which was unavailable last year when the game was first launched. Now that it’s free-to-pay there’s no excuse not to check out the festivities!

Of course, Halloween is only one of the many special days that make it into these games. You may prefer Christmas or winter-themed events, such as Wintersday in Guild Wars 2, or even the eggs-cellent Easter events like Noblegarden in World of Warcraft.

Some might contend that games which incorporate real holidays into the lore are really stretching the immersion factor of the universe though and would prefer to have unique events based on entirely new holidays. What do you think?