Movies should be judged by cast diversity, not entertainment value

There is a common misconception in the minds of today’s moviegoers and that is the idea a great film is one which has impeccable acting, masterful direction, and brings a story to life. I’m here to disavow that myth: it’s not. What really makes a motion picture transcend its medium is a cast composed of ethnically diverse actors and actresses.

The first trailer for next year’s mythological blockbuster Gods of Egypt has certainly proven this. The movie won’t even be out for months, but the reviews are in; this film is just too damn white. It should be common knowledge that the real gods of Egypt were racially similar to the mortals that they ruled over. Well, the human parts of them were.

goe-wiki-whitewashingHollywood has yet again tried to “whitewash” history with its large stable of actors and actresses of European descent. How would one even know that those hailing from the Nile river basin have dark skin?! If media moguls won’t provide historically accurate depictions of events, who will?

This could have been a real turning point for Western media. There is only one main black actor in the film, but think about the impact of having even more. In the United States alone it could have changed millions of lives for the better. Some activists waste time on tackling poverty and incarceration, but in reality those issues simply stem from employment practices in Hollywood. Thankfully, some brave souls have already made sure that the Gods of Egypt Wikipedia page already reflects what a travesty it is.

I hope studios listen to the loud voices demanding change. Together we can make a difference in the world and that starts with holding movies accountable for historically accurate and racially correct depictions of mythological deities.