Hot Ryu is proof we should ban sexually appealing video game characters

Street Fighter V has revealed pre-order bonus costumes in North America and the gruff, masculine “Battle Costume Ryu”, which was quickly dubbed Hot Ryu online, has aroused gamers across the globe. Gaming sites are already declaring him one of the “too hot not to share” and it didn’t take long for him to trend on Twitter.

His popularity has absolutely crushed my spirits and faith in humanity.

i-wish-i-were-as-hot-as-hot-ryuI expected outraged blog posts complaining about his over-sexualization and unobtainable level of masculinity which could influence the minds of young, impressionable boys who would grow up in world which glorifies bodies such as Hot Ryu’s. I trusted that women would see what straight men had done to their gender and do anything in their power from the reverse happening. Sadly, I have now realized that I cannot trust straight women any more than I can trust their heterosexual male counterparts. This has left me feeling very alone in the world and not just that of gaming.

Thus, in the spirit of equality and safeguarding tomorrow’s youth, we must remove all sexually revealing outfits and characters from games (and all media really). This will guarantee that women do not feel objectified and prevents men from going down the same path. I can only imagine the pain that a straight male teenager will feel when he asks a girl to the dance and is rejected because he lacks an 8-pack like her favorite video game character.

Only we can stop gender stereotypes and video games need to be target number one.

Rampage, the Classic Arcade Game, hits the big screen!

Remember the Midway Arcade Game Rampage?

If you don’t recall this 1986 arcade game, perhaps you remember its sequels Rampage World TourRampage 2: Universal TourRampage Through TimeRampage Puzzle Attack, and the latest, which hit the Wii console, Rampage: Total Destruction.

90’s kids, if you don’t recognize this classic, you need to reevaluate your childhood! I remember playing Rampage World Tour on my Game Boy Color, taking turns once the police mowed us down, for hours, smashing every window of every building possible and throwing innocent civilians left, right, up at the sky and down into the ground.

So, why am I bringing this up? Well, because, Rampage will see its very own live action movie adaptation, starting production in summer 2016! Did we want this? No, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone say “Hey, remember Rampage? How cool would it be to see The Rock take on that big monkey? Or that giant lizard? Or that psychotic rat?” Oh, I forgot to mention, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson will be in the movie.

Cool guys always walk away from destruction.
Cool guys always walk away from destruction.

We didn’t want this, but we sure are excited.  Not much else is known but we’ll keep you updated. Let us at RL know if you too, are excited for the movie adaptation of Rampage!

On June 14, Lucas smashes back into our lives!

According to recent announcement via the official Facebook, Lucas from the series Mother and veteran of Super Smash Bros. as of his appearance in Brawl is making his way onto the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as purchasable DLC on June 14!

From the official announcement trailer we saw a preview of Lucas in action and it is apparent that he will play similarly, probably exactly the way he did in Brawl as we’ve seen with Mewtwo, with the addition of his mega cool Final Smash skill.

“You bet on me… but it seems you lost, huh? Yep. I fell. As did you, after you bet on me. I think that for a while, I’m gonna act like a fat worm and hide myself inside a hole. So don’t talk to me. The heroic and cool Rope Snake you once knew is dead. In a tiny, quiet voice, I say… So long.” – Rope Snake

lucas wii



“Hold still and lemme shoot you.” – Falco Lombardi



At 11 am Eastern Time, June 14, Lucas will be available on the DLC shop on both systems for $4.99, for access to Lucas on one 3DS and one Wii U, or $3.99, for access on only one of the systems.

Are you as excited as we are!? Check back on June 14 for some electrifying gameplay of Lucas!

Support Your Local Smash Scene!

Are you a fan of Super Smash Bros.? Do you enjoy playing with friends but also enjoy watching others compete? Ever been to any Super Smash Bros. tournaments for the original game, Melee, Brawl or the newest titles on 3DS and Wii U? Tournaments like these that may seem not seem as popular as competitions for esports like League of Legends or Dota 2, but in fact Melee tournaments seem to collectively award the most prize money in all fighting game competitions. And look at how epic they are:


When you have top notch players who dedicate hours on hours of practicing Smash techniques such as teching and wavedashing and polishing their combos to near perfection, coupled with commentators with an obvious passion for the game as they hype up the crowd and spectators, mixed with excited fans who will ‘Ooh!’ and ‘Aah!’ at even the slightest moment of a perpetual comeback or mercy beating, the Super Smash Bros. competitive scene is in a realm of its own, and a great one at that.


Huge tournaments don’t occur every day though, or even every weekend and often you may not be able to make it to Vegas for EVO, or Jersey for APEX, or Florida for CEO, but did you know that Smash competitions might be going down in your very backyard? No, not your actual backyard, but it is likely there are weekly tournaments happening at your local gaming/comic book store!

Scope around your neighborhood, and if there are no venues in sight take to Facebook and search for Smash scenes in your city/town/state and join a local group or two! This is a great way for updates, finding local competitions and to organize pick up games. Better yet, if there is a venue close to you with no Smash scene, start your own with friends! Most comic book and video game stores are happy to accommodate these kinds of tournaments because it brings them business and attention and they may charge a small fee for using their location, which is minimal when everyone throws in. High school and college campuses are other excellent locations to start clubs at and hold competitions.

If somebody owns or has access to streaming equipment, displaying the tournament over Twitch or other streaming websites, or posting the best matches, semi-finals and finals on YouTube, is yet another great way to publicize your scene and attract fellow Smashers. I participated in a local tournament in my own town with familiar faces I never knew were also in Smash at a place I had never even been to after I noticed a post on a Facebook group I was apart of, got invited to a separate group for this particular tournament and received an invite by text from a fellow Smash friend of mine.



Only around 10 people entered this particular tournament and the entry was only five bucks. Sure, it was small, but it had heart. A room full of big, clunky TVs, game systems, friendly people with a similar interest and a copy of Smash and you just can’t go wrong! I lost my first round, and the losers round, by the way, but I like to think a Dr. Mario main like me put up a good fight. Some of these players are just too good! Me and the Doc will get ’em next time.

I encourage all of you fellow Smash fans, and those unaware of this wonderful game, to go out and check out your local Smash scene for a good time. And don’t forget to let us at RL know how it goes!

It is also your last chance to sign up for our Spring Smash Tournament! Don’t forget!


Jason Voorhees: First Impressions

Mortal Kombat X has hit the ground running since release. Gamers have been raving over its smooth combat and ultra stylistic gore that we’ve all become accustomed to in the series. Recently, Mortal Kombat devs have been introducing some rather. . .interesting. . .characters to the series. In the previous MK reboot, Freddy Krueger made his big gaming debut and impressed many with the translation from the silver screen to our gaming systems. In Mortal Kombat X, Jason Voorhees makes an unexpected appearance and, like Freddy, “slashes” his way to the top. I’ve had a chance to play as Jason quite a bit, and I must say that he is an excellent contender in the Mortal Kombat universe.

What’s great

Jason comes with some interesting variations that introduce some new mechanics to the series. His traditional “Slasher” variation (my personal favorite), makes use of his machete to unleash devastating combos with super long reach and little room for punishment. Relentless Jason finally brings a true grappler to Mortal Kombat X. This variation focuses on grabbing, throwing, and shattering the bones of opponents in mid combo, dealing devastating damage. He also has a teleport, but it’s a bit slower than other characters’ teleporting attacks. Finally, his Unstoppable variation allows Jason to regenerate health and even resurrect at the end of each match with a fraction of his life replenished.

Jason’s gameplay aside, his very presence in the Mortal Kombat is unnerving. It’s just like the movies; he’s enormous and menacing. Even the way he walks is enough to give me the chills, especially when he has his iconic machete in hand.

What’s not

Really, the only poor thing about Jason are his fatalities. They’re pretty boring, especially his Sleeping Bag finisher. His slashing finisher, though, throws in some horror movie sound effect / camera angle nostalgia, but other than that they’re both pretty underwhelming and bland. I thought he would have something a bit more comical (like actually stuffing a body into a sleeping bag) or hail a throwback to pulling someone under a pool of water. But alas, I’ll take solid gameplay over fatalities any day.

Wrap up

Jason is a surprisingly balanced contender in the Mortal Kombat series. His looks fit the part, and his gameplay brings a lot of new ideas to the table that aren’t over or under powered. Three other characters; Tanya, Predator (omg), and Tremor have yet to be released, but based off of the success of Jason, there’s no doubt that the future characters will be quality!