Throwback Thursday: Soul Edge

Game: Soul Edge | Platform: Arcade, PlayStation| Developer: Project Soul|Release Date: 1995

The fighting games of yore had always followed the same formula. Fighters all walk along a 2D plane and use only their fists to defeat opponents. Virtua Fighter and Tekken broke this trend by adding a 3D plane to the mix. Then along came Soul Edge, which took the 3D fighting plane and added something only one other title had introduced before: unique weapons. These weapons became one of the series trademarks so much that the story and gameplay essentially revolves around them.


This may strike that nostalgia feeling!

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Throwback Thursday: Pac-Man

Game: Pac-Man | Platform: Arcade| Developer: Namco |Release Date: 1980

The past few weeks have been a super-throwback for us with games like the infamous Duck Hunt title. Now, we even go farther back in time all the way to 1980 to one of the most iconic video game characters of all time: Pac-Man. This 8bit yellow creature debut in arcades all across America over 35 years ago, and he still has a presence in today’s gaming culture (just like Duck Hunt, he was in the recent Smash Bros. title). Pac-Man resonates in our hearts as one of those nostalgic titles that remains a blast even to this day.

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Tekken Getting First Saudi Arabian Character

Tekken 7 news has been trickling down our news feed for some time now. We’ve seen a number of characters, including the controversial “Lucky Chloe”, who dawns a cat suit and even fights like a cat. Producer Katsuhiro Harada hinted at this a few months ago after mentioning polling his Middle Eastern fanbase. Harada even went as far as gaining feedback on the characters’ looks to make sure the design wouldn’t be passed off as offensive. So far, the announcement has received positive feedback from fans alike.

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