MMOnday: Rift’s 4 Year Anniversary

Does it make sense to debut MMOnday (pronounce it MMO Monday) on a Tuesday? Of course not, but hopefully somewhere it’s still 11PM on Monday night. Here in Tokyo it’s already almost 9:30PM on Tuesday. Missed deadlines aside, let’s kick off this new weekly summary series by celebrating the anniversary of the giant F2P (free-to-pay) MMO Rift!


rift-4th-anniversary-infographicIt’s already been 4 years since Trion first opened the doors to Rift and they’ve created a nice little infographic to show players a little insight into the choices people have made in Telara. This includes an amazing 1.3 billion quests completed! As a treat, Trion has also served up some special codes players can redeem for in-game goodies. Originally these were limited to 1,000 uses, but due to how quickly they were used up they’ve now been opened to all players as long as you register them to your account by March 15. Don’t forget, the Carnival of the Ascended event is also going on to celebrate the anniversary and there are lots of events to complete. They’ve also outlined plans for 2015, so don’t miss out on what’s coming up!

  • Dwarven Smithy Goggles: J3PN-NXKR-GRKQ-WYHN-2RNK
  • Character Title: “The Devotee”: RMJR-3EKZ-JZKD-LXGE-YQZG
  • Hootie Companion Owl: T6NG-NP9N-HPPY-3CYJ-RM7E

Guild Wars 2

heart-of-thorns-splashThe Guild Wars 2 community is abuzz with pre-expansion excitement and ArenaNet has announced that closed beta tests will soon begin. Players subscribed to the newsletter are eligible to be chosen and will not be subject to any pesky non-disclosure agreement! Lucky testers will be able to stream, document, and share their experiences with Heart of Thorns. If you’re interested in participating, make sure you’re subscribed!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

EA is tempting old and new players alike with their latest promotion; 40% off the new Story Pack as well as 60 days of subscription time and 2400 Cartel Coins to be used in the in-game shop. Not only that, but subscribers as of March 31st will also get a cool purple crystal to color their lightsabers with. Past subscribers are also eligible to redeem 7 days of free subscription time as well. Later this week I’ll be using that and giving some updated impressions of the game. If you haven’t tried SW:TOR it isn’t a bad time to start!

World of Warcraft

wow-token-logoLast week we covered the announcement of the WoW Token which would allow players to pay for subscription time using in-game gold! How it will impact the game’s economy and playerbase has yet to be seen, but it will be interesting to see how the world’s most successful MMORPG handles the new system.


What MMOs will you be playing this week? We’d love to hear in the comments! I know I’ll be logging on for my Guild Wars 2 dailies when I have time, as well as diving back into SWTOR during its promotion.