Hot Ryu is proof we should ban sexually appealing video game characters

Street Fighter V has revealed pre-order bonus costumes in North America and the gruff, masculine “Battle Costume Ryu”, which was quickly dubbed Hot Ryu online, has aroused gamers across the globe. Gaming sites are already declaring him one of the “too hot not to share” and it didn’t take long for him to trend on Twitter.

His popularity has absolutely crushed my spirits and faith in humanity.

i-wish-i-were-as-hot-as-hot-ryuI expected outraged blog posts complaining about his over-sexualization and unobtainable level of masculinity which could influence the minds of young, impressionable boys who would grow up in world which glorifies bodies such as Hot Ryu’s. I trusted that women would see what straight men had done to their gender and do anything in their power from the reverse happening. Sadly, I have now realized that I cannot trust straight women any more than I can trust their heterosexual male counterparts. This has left me feeling very alone in the world and not just that of gaming.

Thus, in the spirit of equality and safeguarding tomorrow’s youth, we must remove all sexually revealing outfits and characters from games (and all media really). This will guarantee that women do not feel objectified and prevents men from going down the same path. I can only imagine the pain that a straight male teenager will feel when he asks a girl to the dance and is rejected because he lacks an 8-pack like her favorite video game character.

Only we can stop gender stereotypes and video games need to be target number one.